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Renewable Energy

We can make sure that the energy you use costs less to you and the environment. Drawing on our network of renewable energy experts we will undertake an assessment of your organisation and outline the long term savings that you could make by adopting renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and renewable heat. We can also identify funding options so that you can benefit from the project without having to invest upfront.

Once we have found the best options for you we can manage the full project implementation process so that you don't have to allocate your precious time to making the project happen. 

Sustainable Procurement 

We consider sustainable procurement to be crucial in improving the sustainability performance of any organisation. How you procure goods and services will be directly linked to how sustainable your organisation is.


We can work with you to identify how you can make crucial bottom line savings whilst also improving your environmental performance. We can focus on:

  • Identifying and managing high risk products and services

  • Embedding sustainability within tender processes

  • The production of sustainable procurement strategy and guidance

  • Training key procurement staff

  • Measuring and reporting on your results. 

Waste Management

We can work with you to make bottom line savings and improve the sustainability of your waste management operations. We will identify where and how key savings and improvements can be made. Our work focuses on:


  • Implementing a robust waste management strategy

  • Establishing an effective data and legal compliance system

  • Improving contractor performance; and

  • Implementing a high performance, sustainable waste management contract.


We understand how to get to the heart of the matter in improving the sustainability of your waste management performance and make long term savings. The best time to do this is when you are preparing to implement a new waste management contract. If plans are on the horizon, drop us a line and see how we can help. 


We can help you make sure that your organisation is a green, healthy and biodiverse place to be. Whether you are in a urban or rural setting there are always opportunities to do your bit for wildlife and create long term benefits for your organisation.


We can work with you to produce a Biodiversity Action Plan that will guide your organisation to put in place a robust approach to managing, conserving and enhancing biodiversity. This will allow you to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and create attractive, uplifting and healthy surroundings. 

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