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Enlisting the advice or assistance of Environmental and Sustainability Experts is invaluable to many organisations. Perhaps you need third party assistance or simply don’t have enough hours in the day to meet your sustainability objectives and targets. At some stage in your organisation’s sustainability journey it is likely that you will look to a sustainability consultancy to help you along your way.
A key limiting factor in getting the external advice and assistance that is needed is often the costs charged by traditional consultancies. NetSustain estimate that around a third of the cost that you pay under the traditional consultancy model is for overheads.  This includes ‘non-chargeable’ time that staff spend on administrative tasks and annual leave, office costs, travel expenses and wider business marketing and administration costs.
NetSustain’s mission is to ensure that you pay only for services that you get. We have a network of Sustainability Experts that we call upon according to project demand. This makes non-chargeable time obsolete. We also do without expensive offices and reduce travel and administrations costs as much as possible.

Our expert network is made up of experienced Sustainability Professionals with a long term track record of excellence. You will never be provided with Junior Consultants! 

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